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Résiliable à tout moment. This recording contains the following subliminal affirmations: I love flirting with gay men My flirting skills are amazing I feel totally relaxed flirting Flirting is fun whatever happens I enjoy trying to attract someone's attention I say and do the right things I am a natural born flirt I am good-looking and sincere I am complimentary and charming I can read the signs while flirting Flirting is something I do extremely well I'm a flirting master To use this recording, simply hit play and listen.

For full listening instructions, visit: Critiques "It's effortless. You just click play and these subliminal audios reprogram your brain.

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I've had huge success with Subliminal Guru! I know how powerful the Subliminal Guru MP3s are. I use them myself and recommend them to all my customers.

It's easy, it's simple, it's powerful. Flirting can be a challenge for anyone.

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Taking the first step to talk to that hot guy requires a steady nerve and a solid self-belief. But if you don't make the first move, the man you've got your eye on could be snapped up by someone else.


You can find the confidence to flirt like a pro - with help from hypnosis. The Gay Flirting Confidence hypnosis session is designed to help you get out of your comfort zone and take decisive action! This carefully crafted session uses hypnosis and powerful NLP embedded commands to boost your confidence, increase your self-belief, and unleash your natural charm and charisma.

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You'll find it easy to come out of your shell and "work the room" - with the flair and assurance that other men find so alluring. Simply download the Gay Flirting Confidence session, slip on your headphones and listen, to find out how to:. Download Gay Flirting Confidence now to discover the inner confidence to flirt with hot guys like never before.

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Résiliable à tout moment. Simply download the Gay Flirting Confidence session, slip on your headphones and listen, to find out how to: